Over 50 Years of Experience

Product Overview

Detoronics is an industry leader in glass-to-metal compression seal techniques. Detoronics hermetic connectors ensure an airtight seal, even under the most severe environmental and atmospheric conditions. Our hermetic seals are impervious to most gases and liquids, providing a high-reliability connection for any application that requires protecting one atmosphere from another.
We meet every performance criteria for your hermetic sealing requirements with our state-of-the-art capabilities and rigid manufacturing process control, and we can handle long or short production runs while maintaining cost effectiveness.

  • ​Weight and space savings - hermetic seals are smaller and weigh less
  • ​Labor savings - hermetic connectors have lower installation costs and indefinite shelf life
  • ​Reliability - hermetic seals are airtight and immune to the effects of environmental and atmospheric conditions and the glass insert ensures continuous dielectric separation​
  • ​Replacement Savings - hermetic connectors have a longer operational life in the field, meaning you replace them less often
  • ​Special Requirements - hermetic connectors can be easily modified to meet your unique application