​Multi-Terminal Headers

​Multi-Terminal Headers

​Multiple Conductors Insulated by a Glass-To-Metal Compression Seal


​Cost Effective

  • ​Ready To Use
  • ​No Added Assembly
  • ​Indefinite Shelf Life
  • ​Reliable In Hostile Environments
  • ​Air & Gas Tight
  • ​Fixed Contacts
  • ​Continuous Dielectric Separation
  • ​Wide Temperature Ranges
  • ​High Insulation Resistance
  • ​Moisture Resistant


  • ​​Various Body Styles Available
  • ​Many Terminal Termination Configurations Available
  • ​Many Terminal Location Patterns Available
  • ​Please Consult Factory

Standard Finish 

  • ​Bright Tin Plated Shell and Contacts
  • ​Other Finishes Available – Please Consult Factory

Technical Specification