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Product Overview

Detoronics has been an industry leader in glass-to-metal compression seal techniques resulting in proven reliability, even under the most severe environmental and atmospheric conditions. Detoronics hermetic connectors provide high-reliability connections for any application that requires protecting one atmosphere from another including, but not limited to, moisture, gas, high-temperature, low-temperature, pressure, vacuum or corrosion resistance. Detoronics hermetic connectors ensure an airtight seal and are impervious to most gases and liquids.


Detoronics state-of-the-art capabilities and rigid manufacturing process control ensures that performance criteria are met for each requirement. Detoronics specializes in hermetic sealing and has the ability to maintain cost-effectiveness, as well as, the capabilities to manufacture long or short production runs.


Hermetic connectors offer many cost-effective advantages compared to Environmental connectors, including:


  • Weight and Space Savings: Hermetics are smaller and weigh less.
  • Labor Savings: Hermetics are ready to use (no assembly required) with lower installation costs as well as an indefinite shelf life.
  • Reliability: Hermetics are airtight and are immune to the effects of environmental and atmospheric conditions. Also, the glass insert ensures continuous dielectric separation.
  • Replacement Savings: Hermetics have superior performance characteristics resulting in longer operating life/usage in the field.
  • Special Requirements: Our Hermetic connectors can be easily modified to meet your application.


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