Hermetic vs Environmental Connectors

Any time a connector needs to be protected from the environment where it operates, you should consider choosing one of two types of sealed connectors. The two types of sealing available include hermetic sealing and environmental seals.

Understanding the requirements of your application is crucial in choosing the correct connector for you!

 Hermetic connectors are glass sealed connectors that are designed to operate in extreme environments and withstand high pressures. The glass to metal sealing enables the connector to be resistant to most liquids and gas, making it an ideal connector for use in harsh environments ranging from military and aerospace designs or in deep offshore applications.

Environmental sealing protects against damaging contaminants, such as water, dust, and dirt, among others. They use an interface seal to prevent contaminants from entering the intersection between the connection area. Environmental connectors are typically used in low-temperature applications that require repeated mating and unmating.

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